Everyone is a designer at Foluck!

    We proudly said, as an expert OEM/ODM company, we seriously provide project concepts to our clients, from sales representatives, designers and developers. Each department cooperated with others from marketing, products, molding arrangement and reproduction point of view.

    There are 20 in-house developers including designers, technicians and 4 prototype sculptors in Foluck’s developing team. Most our projects would have 3D models, detail illustrations and some functions involved. Especially licensed characters or brand figurines of our clients. We normally come out with projects base on Foluck’s product platforms to save the time and costs for clients. There are sometimes new or special functions that needs to experiment or remodel would follow. Over past 3 decades, our team had created many popular products. And also had helped our clients built up their production lines.

    We love designing stuffs, always think of something fun and try to make them worked. Nothing is too big or small, in this life of fast lane, we think fast, work hard to bring much fun to the world!