Y5-F913 Light up Dino Slime

The dinosaur is a big hit in 2018! Colorful slime in a fun dino jar! Big & little kids, let’s be slimy!! Slime is relly popular recently, we have it with dinosaur jar, tap to flash! The slime flashes while you are playing it! Yuck? Hehe... boys are gonna love it! When stop playong, store the slime back to the container jar. Don't leave the slime in air without attention for too long, it may dry out slowly.

Feature: Flashing dino jar with slime. 

Material: plastic blow mold, slime, flashing mechanism.

Styles: There are 4 colors in 1 style dinasaue jar available.

Size: approximately 8X10.5X4.3cm

Packing: 12pcs/ display