F4062-1LAAD Sniff Ems! Popeyed Scent Keychain Fruit Series

F4062-1LAAD Popeyed Fruit Scent Keychain Fruit Series
Mmm... Mmm... Smells good! Popeyed in scented fruit keychain!
Squeeze it, the eyes and pop out and nice scent make you feel dood!
These cartoon characters smile all the time. You’ve got to try and see their amusing expression!

Feature: Popeyed with fruit scent keychain. Squeeze it, the eyes pop out and smell good!

Material: PVC rotation, injection, ketchain and scented granules.

Styles: There are 4 styles pineapple, apple, grape and orange available.

Size: approximately 3.5X3.2X3.2cm

Packing: 36 pcs/display box