Why Foluck?

The honest, respectful and professional connection between Design and Manufacturing side.

What kind of materials can be used to be fully utilized?

What sort of blind spot may happen while manufacturing toys, stationery, and souvenirs?

Which type of topic is sought-after in your country? And…

With 36-year experiences of ODM and OEM, we are proud to say that is the reason why Foluck exists. 

Small Novelties but Big Surprises can be found at FOLUCK!​

How we work ?

New Product


Our Designers



Design team leader, senior designer with the heart of a child who always comes up with Foluck’s exclusive and epic products that creates a sensation in the toy market, such as ipop and popeyed toys. Copy cats always love him.

Specialty: Product design in original concepts


A senior designer with the sense of humor usually raises the atmosphere of Foluck’s office, which brings ‘happy toys’ forth, such as the iSqueezer series that comforts you and I! He is expert in bring to bear on materials and comical drawing. Working with Peter, you’ll find that he is fast, really fast!

Specialty: Product designs / integrating projects



Enthusiastic designer with a compassionate heart warms up the computer graphics. Also, making a home (package design) for any exclusive products which also plays a vital role in marketing. 

Specialty: Package design


The brilliant designer specialized in 2D drawings with the sense of multi-level that makes you feel even more like being there. Even more, the design styles are unlimited, it can be girly or neutral, which surprises you each single day!

Specialty: 2D drawings / exhibition arrangement


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Watch out! The horrible shark 'BOUNCES' back.

Sometimes, shark will stalk some famous swimming spot, so let't play cool to stay safe.

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Have you heard about that T-rex and Triceratops lay dead
in the same fossil?
Battling right before death?

Anyway, please fight for yourself, and speak for yourself with these fine designed dinosaur hand puppets!

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Merry X'mas & Happy New Year! 🎄

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The catalog could be a sparkling inspiration, a mirror reflecting each generation, retro design ideas, the future trend, and the combination of consumerism and self-identity.

Foluck just launched the new publication of the 2021 Novelty Bible!
How to get the 2021 Novelty Bible?
Contact us for the first cooperation with us, then the free publication appears by your door!

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