About Us

Foluck is a design company and reliable manufacturer. We had expertly provided OEM/ ODM service in 35 years since 1984. Our designers and developers know pretty much the particularity of every material, what can be coordinated, the reproduction arrangement and also retain the design elements and product attractiveness. We also arrange other suitable manufacturers for certain items to meet the requirement of the social compliance audit, the material of substance or compound according to the testing requirements. Each condition may vary, let us know your special needs, we'll try to make them work!

 We focused on creating product lines for client's own brands in recent years. We found that working with the clients on building their own line of product is much effective to both of our business. The best thing about working with Foluck, we had created useful product platforms variously that we can nimbly turn them into your own products in lots of combinations. Also keep the zest of your brands. You can count on our strong designing and developing team! Remember! Our team is your team!