2021 Employee Training & 36th Year-end Party

There was the three-day employee training and Foluck 36th Year-End Party in Taichung which is a wonderful place located in the west-central part of Taiwan. The first day, we visited Carton King where all the things were made of cartons, including the chairs and tables at the restaurant, ‘Paper hot pot’ and so on. It is also interesting to note that the souvenirs are all derived from creative ideas with paper materials, such as the night lamp, ornaments, washable cap, card holder, music box, pinball machine, and pullback car! Taiwan is a exceptionally cultural and creative assembly area, and there is a great deal of versatile young designers born in this island.

2021 employee training_photos
2021 employee training_photos_01


The second day, each employee shared the working responsibilities, the problems they encountered and the solutions to the problems during the daytime. For the betterment of coherence, this activity was really helpful to comprehend that we share the common aims and beliefs.

The 36th Foluck Year-end party was the following anticipated event. We enjoyed the meal, not to mention the team-building games. It was so much fun to play different games, such as left-handed self portraits, blowing a balloon near the regulated circumference, etc. Certainly, the team winner would get the award provided by our generous Boss Hsu! =) 

That night, the dining room was filled with laughter and happiness.

2021 employee training_photos_03
2021 employee training_photos_04

The last day, Dali Art Plaza was the location aggregating cultural and creative shops, including money pouches made of Japanese pattern fabrics, and cute designed accessories. As we can see, design is the field that the government put effort on for young designers and artists.

2021 employee training_photos_05
2021 employee training_photos_06

The next stop was Asia University Museum of Modern Art, and this is my favorite part. The architecture is designed by the well-known self-taught architect Tadao Andou. His works are famous for religious simplicity (Zen) to emphasise the inner feeling. We all admired the equilateral triangle design details with his spirits in awe. His intention of this museum is to bring calmness for human beings, and presents the combination of people, art and nature.

Experiencing this wonderful 3-day trip, we are able to express the knowledge we learned by words, like ‘people’, ‘art’, ‘creativity’, ‘dialog’, ‘nature’, ‘silhouette’, and ‘self recognition.’

The design of toy, stationery and souvenir is all about human beings, cultures, habits, and anything you can think of, so this experience expands our horizon. 

Ah! “Fun” is the top reflection that the Foluck team embraces!