2024 Foluck Toy Story

As you have seen the cover of this album, we always imagine the kids walking in their rooms and look for their favorite toys. Picking them up and ranking them, making today’s new scrips and stories. That is the endless fun after school. Also, we have seen how big and little kids picking up toys at the shops and start to discover the function when our designers and staffs visiting many countries overseas on each marketing research. These are a part of the reasons why we love designing toys so much!

As we celebrate Foluck’s 40th Anniversary, we looked back seeing the paths that we had been through, and all the novelty toys we had racked our brains to design. Finding every possible solution to make them worked. We can proudly say It’s pretty much “the Toy Story” of Foluck in novelty. 4 decades are a long way to go through, we would remain our main core “Small Novelty big Surprise” and keep on going for another 4 decades! Find out what really special and potential in Foluck’s Toy Story and we’ll be more than happy to help you making yours!

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