Fake or Stay real?

Few years ago, Boss Hsu traveled to Asakusa, Japan. Something exquisite caught his eyes, so he decided to buy it, however, the seller said something about ‘copy’ or ‘counterfeit’, and refused to sell it. Then, Mr. Hsu realised that some unscrupulous businessmen (tourists) from some countries would infringe the copyrights of souvenirs. 

From then on, he thinks this kind of behavior puts the country’s culture and morals in jeopardy. Foluck always says No to counterfeits because original designs are like the core of the cultural industry. If we stick to original design ideas, the business will continue to rise and flourish.



But, why do some businesses always say YES to the counterfeit? Some benefits, of course. However, they forget the vital point, that is the repurchase rate. The index of repurchase rate includes merchandises’ high quality, core values, safety, quantity, creativity, and irreplaceability. All the hopes for international business lie in morality and staying real. 


dino hand puppet_original design
Original artwork of dinosaur hand puppets