“Take your broken heart, make it into art.”

— Meryl Streep



We all miss our genius designer Jason Yang, the one who didn’t want to follow the trend, the one whose designs had no rules, the one who got his own irreplaceable artistic essence, and the one who always gave us an unexpected point of view of toy design, and the one who made contribution to the toy industry profoundly. 


“An enthusiastic heart finds opportunities everywhere.”

— Paulo Coelho




With an enthusiastic heart for collecting action figures and making comic books, Jason entered Foluck about 15 years ago. He had designed many series of remarkable novelties, such as turning a traditional whistle toy into PVC rotation toy “Mini Twitter”.

*Add a bit of water into Mini Twitter, then pull out and adjust the tail tip. Magic happens! It makes various birds’ chirps while blowing air to its tail tip.

As Foluck’s epic design Popeyed Toys were launched, Jason designed i POP Cozy Farm series and i POP Animal Series which became an overnight sensation after their release, and this cozy style is one of copycats’ favorites.


Adopting the innovative i POP design, there are more extended toys produced, such as Popeyed, Monster Ball, and Voodoo Dwarf, and so on. You can see that Jason’s painting styles are strong, distinctive and artistic. 


“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” 

— Edwin Land



It is also noteworthy that some covers of Foluck’s catalogues were designed by Jason yang. Toys got stories to be told, and so did the designer. 

Jason Yang was born to be different, to be artistic, and to be filled with creativity, and his creativity couldn’t be used up because the more he used, the more he had. He was just like a piece of art which had stories to be told but not expecting someone to understand. So he didn’t need to make sense. 

We want to show our respect and appreciation to Jason Yang, and he will always be remembered in our minds forever and ever.