We are thrilled to share this exciting news with you! On 31st May 2023, “Raising the Ridge Beam” (上樑儀式) for the new construction of Foluck Headquarters was held in Taoyuan, Taiwan, which is a traditional folk custom for the purpose of praying for the longevity of the house and a prosperous life. At Foluck, we remain committed to bringing prosperity and good fortune to all of our valued and potential clients, and we invite you to stay tuned for more delightful surprises!

“Raising the Ridge Beam” (上樑儀式) refers to a traditional ceremony where the highest beam will be installed on the roof during the construction of a building. During this ceremony, incense, candles, and offerings are prepared and dedicated to ancestors and deities as a form of blessing and prayer. In modern architecture, when steel-reinforced concrete is used for the topmost layer and the final grouting is being prepared, steel reinforcement is used as a substitute for the beam.

The “beam” is considered the most vital part when placing wooden structural components. Folk belief holds that the successful completion of the “raising the ridge beam” ceremony not only ensures the structural integrity of the house but also influences the prosperity and development of its inhabitants in Taiwan. The ceremony serves as a significant milestone for newly constructed projects approaching completion.

Get ready for a future filled with prosperity and success!